What to look for in a Virtual Design Assistant

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Kelly Fridline shared an insightful blog post “The Benefits of Hiring an Architecturally Trained Virtual Design Assistant & Rendering Artist”. I love this post for a multitude of reasons, and it’s not just because she’s my work wife, but it addresses how having a VDA with formal education can be a huge benefit to Interior Designers.


arnel-hasanovic-375269-unsplash (1).jpg

I did a happy dance as I read her post, sometimes I think she can read my mind, and in this case she hit the nail right on the head.

So lets talk about credentials…

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from MIU, and I’ve been working as a Virtual Design Assistant for seven years. What does this mean for my designers? All access pass to the knowledge base I have attained over the years.


What this translates to, is having that second set of eyes on projects, a heads up when a layout is off, or a total red flag when a drawing is not up to code. I’ve lovingly been called “the killer of dreams” by some of my clients. While this may sound like an insult, in reality it’s an “omg I hate you, but thank you for saving me from that potentially costly mishap”. As I’ve mentioned in past blog posts, my goal is to always make my designers look good.

Now you must be thinking “Yikes, not sure I want a killer of dreams”, well with the crushed dreams also comes new solutions. The best designs are truly just solutions to problems. I usually have a trick up my sleeve for just about anything. I’ve been at this VDA thing for seven years, working with designers from coast to coast, and I’ve seen some crazy stuff. All those experiences have just added to my tool box of problem solving magic.

So if you need a little magic, or even just some help with drawings feel free to schedule an inquiry call on my contact page. If you haven’t already, I also highly suggest checking out Kelly’s blog post.