Renderings: Good, Better, & Best. Which is right for your project?

With the ever growing popularity of home renovation shows, client expectations are mirroring what is being used as visuals on those shows. I know many Interior designers that are scratching their brain on how to build these sales tools into their services. After all what better way to show your client what’s to come, than with a rendering. Lets look at some options…


kitchen no lines.jpg

Here is an unprocessed model of a kitchen, which means it hasn’t gone through the processing phase that makes it look more realistic. It does have some shadows, but no artificial lighting. I often refer to this as the cartoon phase. It still clearly shows all materials and selections, but doesn’t have that finished look of a processed rendering. This option is the most cost effective option, because of the lack of processing and post editing time.


water color kitchen.jpg

Same kitchen again, this time with a watercolor effect. I’m starting to see a trend back towards the more artistic side of renderings, so this makes a great option and also adds a more artistic feel to a presentation. Again, this model has not gone through processing, but still shows all the finishes. It does however require some post editing to create this effect. Therefore, it would be the next step up on the price point scale.


kitchen view 1.jpg

Lastly, same kitchen fully processed, and post edited. Here you can see the natural lighting, shadows, and artificial light from the sconces. Materials also have a realistic quality to them.

Do you still need some help to determine which option is best for your project? Shoot us an email to learn more.