Designer Crush: Tiffany McKinzie

This week I’m going to share a project I did a while back with Tiffany of Tiffany McKinzie Interiors. If you know anything about the great state of Texas, you know that they do everything bigger there, and nothing is TOO much. If you know Tiffany, then you also know she has the personality to match, and a sense of humor that brings me to tears.

When I received the drawings for Brazos Court, my jaw dropped. The master bathroom is nothing short of every girls dream. I drooled over those plans, as designers we can all look at a set of floorplans and just know how impressive a space will be. I also, as Tiffany can attest to, obsess over toilet paper supply for a house with a ton of bathrooms, it’s just one of the crazy things we talk about when working on a project of this magnitude.

Let’s dig into the tile drawings I did for this project, and one fabulous rendering for the most perfect kids room.

Since I’ve already mentioned it, and you’re probably thinking about it, we’ll start with the master bathroom…

master bath FP.jpg

Tiffany and I worked through a few versions of tile layout for this master bathroom. As you all know providing options to your clients visually helps to nail down the details, and give them a clear vision of what to expect. I was thrilled to hear that they picked our favorite layout, and the results speak for themselves. I also think we all need to give a round of applause to the the tile installer, with all of these transitions, he truly nailed the install.

The after pics make me want to do a cartwheel (there’s enough room), then dive into that tub (not recommend, but you know what I mean).


mud powder FP.jpg

When I think mud room powder, I get a vision of something that is just functional that only the family will use. Tiffany takes every powder dead serious, and as we all know powder rooms are the perfect location for drama. While the tile floor isn’t visible in the after pic, I couldn’t resist including it. After all it’s mind blowing…

How dreamy is that wallpaper? If you’re into floral prints Tiffany just debut her private label with Effe, and she has one in here collection.


Ok gang, I could go through and show you all the bathroom tile drawings (I know not everyone geeks out like I do over CAD drawings so I’ll save you from that), but I want to show you one more elevation before we get to the perfect little girls room.

As you’ll see in comparison from the elevation to the after pic, the final decision was to bring the uppers all the way down to the counter. Gotta love the nonlinear process of design. This kitchen is exactly what I would imagine Barbara Barry’s kitchen looking like. I wonder if she cooks…


AutoSave_bunck beds_2 2019-03-19 13240500000.png

As promised, here’s the slumber party mecca. I’m almost 40, and I would still hangout in here with my girlfriends. Who want’s to bring the wine??

So this room is full on custom, as you can see. We included built-in book ledges with reading lights, and the girls have their own tv that has optimal viewing for watching Frozen on a continuous loop.


If you want to see the full project, and I recommend you check it out (hello in house hair salon and home theater), here’s the link: You can also follow Tiffany on Instagram @tiffanymckinzie


Also to note, Tiffany’s in house assistant Phoebe. Yes this is a shameless attempt at including a puppy pic, but I’m a sucker. Who could resist that face…

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