Designer Crush: Heidi Caillier

Last week I shared with everyone the first five designers who helped me launch my business, this week I’m starting a new series featuring designers I’ve worked with, and the amazing projects I got to participate on. So pour a glass of wine, or drink of choice, and lets geek out on some design magic.

Back in May of 2017 I started on a project with Heidi, from Heidi Caillier Design. If you read last week’s post then you already know the deets on how our relationship began, check out that post if you’re curious for the back story.

If you’ve ever been to Seattle, or live there then you’re familiar with the space shortage a lot of the charming older homes have. Heidi has worked on so many projects in the Seattle area, where this is the case. She’s practically become the expert on how to turn these typical Seattle houses into works of art. Heidi’s style is leaving a mark on the Seattle area and beyond, that will no doubly become a part of it’s history.

Her clients always seem to find these gem’s with a great location, and charm, but often they need some serious love and vision. This Sunset Hill house was no exception.



Sunset Hill started with a lot of potential, it had great light and some MCM details, that I’m a sucker for. That you can see in the first of the before pics.

Did anyone notice that view, and the fireplace in need of some TLC. These first two pics had me so excited for this project.

Then I saw the kitchen pics, and as I always do, I couldn’t wait to see what Heidi had in mind for it.

I’m guessing the glass brick wasn’t original to the house…

The basement needed some serious attention. So much valuable space here.



This project required a full set of construction documents. As you can see from the before pics, every detail of the construction process needed to be documented to truly maximize space, and to make sure that Heidi’s vision was accurately executed.

I’m sure many of you know with homes like this, as a designer you’re limited at how much you can change the layout. So demo of walls was pretty minimal, we captured some space from an existing porch to add to the bathroom on the main floor, and create a much needed mud room that flowed into the kitchen.


The basement saw a huge transformation during construction. Heidi, had a vision of adding a guest room, laundry room, reworked bathroom, and a functional family room complete with a desk space and storage for toys.


Anyone who has worked with me for any amount of time knows how much I LOVE a detailed set of construction documents. They give me all the good feels. Elevations are the money shots of it all.


So the general layout of the kitchen remained, but we added a desk area, with an amazing view, and a much needed full height pantry. Heidi really wanted to make sure we maximized every possible corner for storage. This is were form truly meets function. I think we nailed it!

Anyone curious about what happened to the pink bathroom with the glass brick?? Ta Da, it’s gone and replaced with, oh so pretty penny rounds, and a stunning hex tile floor. Again we went for a very clean look with the cabinets, it was a trend we stuck with throughout this whole project. Heidi has some more shots of it on her Instagram @heidicaillierdesign .

Remember the sad fireplace… Well it now has a friend, and if you didn’t know any better you’d think they’d always been together the space feels so right. There’s snow on the ground right now as I’m writing this, and I’m drooling over this room with a fireplace. Again, we maxed out storage with this built in sectional, it has hidden drawers underneath, to stash all those cozy blankets.

As anyone who has ever had to share a room with a sibling, you know how valuable space and privacy can be. Hey it’s good for the character, right? Heidi and I worked through a few versions of these bunk beds to get them just right, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how well they turned out. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda want one, and I’m so envious of the littles that get to enjoy this room.

Moving down to the family room, again we have those clean lines on the built in. Can you guess what this built in is flanked with? Toy storage for days, and maybe my favorite part, the concealed tv. No more seeing that black abbess when not in use. Has anyone spied the amazing vintage score? That’s right kids it’s a Percival Lafer chair in it’s full glory. When the design gods shine down on you, it is glorious.

So I could go on and on, about all the amazing details of this renovation, but I’ll just leave you with the cream. All of these stunning images were taken by Haris Kenjar Photography, you can follow him on Instagram @haris.kenjar . If you’re interested in more of Heidi’s work she has been published in about a million magazines, but the three most recent are Rue Magazine Dec. 2018, LUXE Magazine Nov. 2018, and Portrait Magazine Oct. 2018.

If you still want more, here’s the gallery for the full project…